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May 24, 2018

Careers in Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice

Careers in Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice

Professor James T. O'Reilly, Editor

Becoming an Administrative Law Judge (NEW CHAPTER FOR 2017)
Hon. Erin M. Wirth

Becoming a Regulations Lawyer (UPDATED 2017)
Andrew Emery

Becoming a Congressional Research Attorney (UPDATED 2017)
Vanessa K. Burrows

Becoming an Administrative Law Professor (UPDATED 2017)
Michael Asimow

Becoming a Lawyer with a Work-Life Balance: From Part-Time to Partner
Miriam J. Guggenheim

Becoming an Administrative Lawyer through Serendipity
Nancy Eyl

Becoming an Environmental Practitioner
William V. Luneburg

Becoming an Immigration Lawyer
Jill E. Family

Becoming an Election Lawyer
Liz Howard

Becoming a Municipal Administrative Lawyer

Sabine Romero

Becoming a Workers’ Compensation Specialist
Rosemary Welsh

Becoming a U.S. Administrative Law Judge
Hon. John C. Holmes

Becoming a Product Safety Lawyer
Mary Martha McNamara and Michael J. Gidding

Becoming a Multitalented Administrative Lawyer
Kellie Ann Moore

Becoming an Association Lawyer
James W. Conrad Jr.

Becoming an Effective Adjudicator

Ann Marshall Young

Becoming an Anti-Trust Lawyer
Steve Vieux