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Intergovernmental Relations


The focus of this committee is the administrative procedure of intergovernmental agreements between local governments, between states, and between local, state, and the federal governments. As the Interstate Compact Project, the committee produced a resolution that the ABA House of Delegates adopted as official ABA policy urging states, compact agencies, and Congress to establish administrative procedures for compact agencies that are not subject to neither the Federal APA nor any state APA. Currently, the committee tracks recent case law and agency actions for interstate compacts and interlocal agreements, and contributes a chapter to the Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice Section's annual Developments book. Please contact the committee chair if you would like to assist with this annual chapter.

Intergovernmental relations is a broad subject and has unlimited possibilities for study, practice, and discussion. We welcome your views and ideas of what's new and interesting in this area and what this committee can do to improve your practice.

Committee Leadership

Jeffrey B. Litwak

How to Join

Administrative Law Section Members can join this committee by logging into your ABA account. Select  "My ABA" in the upper-right drop-down menu, choose "Manage Memberships," then select "Join Committees" under the Specialty Group Memberships & Committees section.

If you have any questions about joining a committee, please contact us at [email protected], or [email protected].