April 24, 2018

CLE Materials


1. Regulatory Development in the Americas

2. Agency Justification Strategies for Regulation and De-regulation: Battle Grounds and Best Practices

3. Ethics Essentials: How to Avoid Problems and Pitfalls (Ethics CLE)

4. How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Legal Research and Workflow Capabilities for the Regulatory and Administrative Law Attorney

5. What’s Happening at OIRA? Assessing Year Two of the Trump Regulatory Agenda

6. Oyez, Oyez: Tips from the Bench on How to Effectively Litigate Administrative Law Cases

7. Is Agency Guidance Reviewable? (And if so, When?)

8. Fake Views? Fraud and Spam in Public Comments on Proposed Rules

9. Constitutional Constraints on Administrative Power: How History Sheds Light on Contemporary Understandings

10. Dueling Canons – Should Supreme Court Canons Trump Chevron or Auer?

11. Improving Regulation for Businesses: The Need, the Means, and the Challenges

12. Are Those (Presidential) Tweets Part of the Record?

13.  Developments in Administrative Law, Part I

14. Developments in Administrative Law, Part II

15. The Administrative Conference and Agency Procedural Reform

16. Lucia's Aftermath: ALJ & AJ Job Security and Independence

17. Deregulation: Past and Present

18.Nationwide Injunctions: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

19. The Future of the Federal Civil Service: Threats Resistance and Legal Reform

20. The Role of Agencies in Legislative Drafting and Legislative Cleanup 


2018 Administrative Law Conference Speaker Biographies