2020-2021 Section Leadership

2021 Officers
Chair - Christopher J. Walker
Chair Elect - Andrew Emery
Vice Chair - Jill E. Family
Last Retiring Chair - Linda D. Jellum
Secretary - Daniel Cohen
Budget Officer - James P. Gerkis
Section Delegate - Ronald M. Levin
Section Delegate - Richard W. Parker|

Administrative Judiciary - Hon. David Welch
Judiciary - Hon. Ryan Nelson
Executive Branch - Rosario Palmieri
Legislative Branch - Daniel M. Flores
State Administrative Law - Hon. Julian Mann III

Term Ending 2021
Daniel Flores
Kristin Hickman
Nikesh Jindal
Gillian Metzger

Term Ending 2022
Reeve T. Bull
Darryl  L. DePriest
Michael A. Fitzpatrick
Christina E. McDonald

Term Ending 2023
Jonathan Cedarbaum
Aaron Nielson
Arti Rai
Amy Wildermuth

Law Student Division Liaison - Sandra Davis
Young Lawyers Division Liaison - Eric Knapp
ABA Board of Governors Liaison - David W. Clark
Administrative & Regulatory Law News Editor in Chief - Daniel Walters
Administrative Law Review Editor in Chief - Sara Talabien
Notice and Comment Blog Editor - Christopher J. Walker
Developments in Administrative Law Editor - Daniel Walters


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