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2018 Administrative Law Conference Attendees

2018 Administrative Law Conference Attendees

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The Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice is a gathering place for those of us who live and breathe administrative law. We are administrative law geeks, who proudly pronounce “Administrative Law! Everybody does it!”

Want to get involved? Our committees put together a wide array of webinars, brown bags, conferences, and various social and other events. Committees also publish a weekly blog, a quarterly journal, a law review, and numerous books about important and trending administrative law topics. We welcome your participation, involvement, and enthusiasm. Please join us. We’d love to have you! 

2019-2020 Section Chair, Linda D. Jellum

Linda D. Jellum

Linda D. Jellum

Section Chair 2019-2020

Section Leadership

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What is the Section of Administrative Law?

The Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice is an important actual and virtual gathering place for lawyers practicing in every sector and serving in government and academia.  Regular participants in the Section’s activities and programs already know that the Section offers a vibrant community of scholars and practitioners who seek to explain and improve the functioning of administrative agencies so that they serve the public well.

If you are examining the Section’s webpage for the first time, or have visited only infrequently, I hope that you will find useful publications on administrative law basics, expert commentary offering diverse perspectives on recent developments in agency actions and court decisions, and materials reflecting efforts to reform the laws that govern agencies and reviewing courts.  

The wide range and scope of Section publications and activities include: A Blackletter Statement of Federal Administrative Law (now in its second edition), the quarterly Administrative and Regulatory Law News, publications on topics as varied as lobbying, immigration and veterans issues, Notice & Comment, the Section’s blog published with the Yale Journal on Regulation, the Section’s comment letters on legislative proposals, the signature Fall Conference, the Homeland Security Program, regular brown bag events and teleconferences on emerging topics. 

This Section is where the administrative lawyer wants and needs to be.


Why Should You Join?

"The Section brings together lawyers accomplished in administrative law from government, private practice, and academia of all ideological stripes.  It is open to younger as well as more senior lawyers, and affords numerous opportunities for intellectual satisfaction, professional advancement, positive social effects- and, yes, fun.  We invite you to participate in the many interesting and important activities of the section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice.”

H. Russell Frisby, Jr.
Partner, Stinson Leonard Street LLP

"The Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice Section plays an invaluable role in bringing government and private attorneys together to discuss and debate significant regulatory issues. The seminars it sponsors are uniformly excellent.  The Administrative Law Review is highly respected, featuring timely articles on major administrative law issues.  These are the reasons why I have been a member for many years."

James H. Burnley
Former U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Partner Venable LLP

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Section Senior Fellows and Fellows

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Senior Fellow, Hon. H. Russell Frisby Jr. (second to left), and Hon. Judith S. Boggs, Section Chair (center).

Senior Fellow, Hon. H. Russell Frisby Jr. (second to left), and Hon. Judith S. Boggs, Section Chair (center).

2018 Administrative Law Conference

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