2020 National Aging and Law Virtual Conference Agenda

Wednesday, October 21, 2020 (Non-CLE)

ACL Office Hours on Elder Rights and Legal Assistance Join ACL for an informal conversation about Elder Rights and Legal Assistance. This is your opportunity to dialogue with colleagues across the country and at ACL.

(4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.) All times are Eastern Time Zone

Thursday, October 22, 2020 | Day 1

10:30 AM-12:30 PM | 2020: Lessons Learned, Visions for the Future

COVID-19 has forced legal services providers, courts, and the public to utilize technological tools to address legal problems faced by older adults. We examine gerontological research, court programs, self-help resources, remote services models, and legal services efforts to better understand past best practices and future visions of using these tools.

Moderated by David Godfrey
Mary Jane Ciccarello, Sarah Galvan, Fay Gordon, Catheryn Koss, Stacey Marz

Sponsored by: The Borchard Foundation Center On Law and Aging

1:00-3:00 PM | Ethics| Representing Clients with Diminished Capacity

This session will address ethical issues in representing clients with diminished capacity. Panelists will review ethics, LSC, and court rules and constitutional, agency, and contract law. Speakers will then offer strategies and policies for overcoming barriers to representing individuals with limited capacity who might otherwise be denied access to justice.

Moderated by David Godfrey
Emily Miller, Alison Hirschel, Nina Kohn, Nicole Shannon and Charlie Sabatino

Sponsored by: The AARP Foundation

3:15-5:15 PM | The Impact of Secondary Trauma on Lawyers

Trauma experienced by clients can affect attorneys with symptoms that can impact their ability to work. This session will explore trauma, trauma-informed lawyering and secondary trauma and its effects on legal services attorneys. This session will also explore ways to mitigate secondary trauma and create a supportive workplace.

Moderated by Dari Pogach
Vivianne Mbaku, Lorilei Williams

Sponsored by: The ABA Section of Real Property Probate Trust and Estate Law

Friday, October 23, 2020| Day 2

10:30 AM-12:30 PM | Lightening Round Plenary

Covering issues from Elder Abuse, Scams, Frauds, Tax Credits, to diversity and HIV, the Lightning Round plenary brings together dynamic presenters to brief the audience on important and emerging legal issues.

Moderated by David Godfrey
Introduction by Lance Robertson

1. Fighting Scams That Steal Retirement Savings - Kathleen Daffan
2. Legal Services Role in Tackling HIV in Older Adults - Erin Hantman Weiss
3. Vision 2020 – Diverse Communities and Dementia - Rennee Chenault-Fattah
4. Elder Fraud Prevention and Response Networks & Money Smart for Older Adults - Jenefer Duane
5. What Legal Aid Lawyers Need to Know About Refundable Tax Credits - Barbara Jones
6. Protecting Medicaid Retroactive Coverage - Natalie Kean
7. Not Another Report: MI’s Elder Abuse Task Force - Nicole Shannon
8. Pension and Retirement in a Flash – Emily Spreiser
9. Mobilizing Legal Fellows to Address Elder Abuse - Allie Yang-Green, JD
10. Unforeseen Consequences: Benefits and Minimum Wage - Benjamin Rubin
11. Telehealth Utilization for the Elderly - Matthew Fisher
12. Cameras in Long-Term Care Settings - Cory Kallheim

Update from ABA Governmental Affairs - David Eppstein

12:45- 1:45 PM | Hotlines Open Drop in Chat(Non-CLE)

Virtual Networking Session - Hosted by the National Association of Senior Legal Hotlines CFPB/FTC networking session 

·         CFPB/FTC networking session (Tentative)
·         Ombudsman and Legal Assistance Teaming to Support Rights of Residents 

2:00 – 3:00 PM | National Association of Senior Legal Hotlines (Non-CLE)

Virtual Networking Session -Annual Business Meeting - open to members, contact CFeuerman@ctlegal.org for details.

• Get to Know APS - National Aging and Law Conference
• Meet the State Legal Services Developer 
• Dementia Friendly America - Meredith Hanley

3:15-5:15 PM | Medicare & Medicaid Updates and Pandemic Response

This session will provide information on the latest in Medicare and Medicaid, from a practical and policy perspective. The session will explore 2020 policy changes, an analysis of temporary and potentially permanent changes made in response to COVID-19, and what to expect in 2021 after the election.

Moderated by David Godfrey
Kata Kertesz, David Lipschutz, Toby Edelman, Gelila Selassie