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MCLE Information

In-Person Event

General Information

In-person CLE programs range from standalone one-hour programs to multi-day programs with many sessions to CLE sessions at ABA entity meetings. The ABA offers many events and some programs or sessions are not eligible for credit. Please view a specific program's description page or marketing materials for information on CLE accreditation for that particular program.

Accreditation Information

States typically decide whether a program qualifies for CLE credit in their jurisdiction 4-8 weeks after the program application is submitted. For many live events, credit approval is not received prior to the program.

ABA in-person programs ordinarily receive CLE credit in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Guam, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Northern Mariana Islands, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Virgin Islands, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

The ABA does not generally seek direct accreditation of live webinars and teleconferences in Idaho, Nebraska, Rhode Island, and Wyoming.  However, some programs are available in these states. Additionally, some states allow attorneys to earn credit through reciprocity or self-submission. View accreditation information for your state and check progam details pages for specific accreditation information by program.

Please see a program's description page for details on the amount of credit requested and known accreditation exceptions, such as states where we are not seeking credit or denials by states.

Please note that some states may not approve specific programs, formats, or topics for credit. This list is a general guide only.

State-Specific Notes

  • Arizona: The State Bar of Arizona does not certify MCLE courses or providers. You must independently review Arizona MCLE regulations and make your own determination as to whether a program qualifies for credit towards your MCLE requirements.
  • Connecticut: The State Bar of Connecticut does not certify MCLE courses or providers. You must independently review Connecticut MCLE regulations and make your own determination as to whether a program qualifies for credit towards your MCLE requirements.
  • Florida: On April 5, 2022 the Board of Governors voted to modify its CLE Diversity and Inclusion policy. While affirming the ABA’s strong commitment to diversity and inclusion and specifying that the ABA’s CLE programs and those the ABA co-sponsors continue to advance the aspirations of Goal III of the ABA’s Mission and Goals – to eliminate bias and enhance diversity – the policy removed the numerical component from the previous version, and is aspirational, as it does not prohibit providing credit for programs which do not meet the policy.

    The Florida Bar has confirmed that the updated policy complies with the Florida Supreme Court’s ruling and credit will again be available for ABA programs for attorneys licensed in Florida. The updated ABA Diversity and Inclusion CLE policy is available online.

    Attorneys who attended or spoke at an ABA program held prior to January 1, 2022 may self-apply to get the credits earned applied to their Florida account.

    If an attendee is seeking only CLER credit (not certification credit), the attorney may email their ABA Certificate of Completion to [email protected]. If an attendee is seeking certification credit or is a speaker seeking lecture credit, forms to self-apply are found at:

    Credit continues to be unavailable for on-demand courses that were completed between January 1, 2022 and April 4, 2022 (inclusive), unless the course was approved prior to April 15, 2021.

    Courses completed after April 5, 2022 will be available for credit in Florida through ABA application or attorney self-submission.
  • Nebraska: You may self-submit this program for CLE approval after attending the program by logging into your personal MCLE account with the Nebraska MCLE Commission. There is no fee for this submission and a response is generally received within 3-5 days.
  • New Hampshire: The New Hampshire MCLE Board does not certify MCLE courses or providers. You must self-determine whether a program is eligible for credit, and self-report your attendance online at the New Hampshire Bar Assocation CLE page. 
  • New Jersey:  You are eligible for credit for this program under New Jersey reciprocity provision if another state grants credit for it. ABA programs are approved in New York and many other states. 
  • New York Attorneys: Unless otherwise stated, ABA in-person programs are approved for newly admitted and experienced NY attorneys in accordance with the requirements of the New York State CLE Board. Diversity, Inclusion and Elimination of Bias credit hours are only available for experienced attorneys.
  • Rhode Island: You may self-submit this program for CLE approval at the Rhode Island Supreme Court Attorney Portal, under Course Accreditation (Appendix D), at the time of attendance reporting.  There is no fee for self-submission.  
  • Wyoming: You may self-submit this program for CLE approval within a reasonable time after attending the program by submitting for CLE credit at the Wyoming State Bar CLE page.  This is the same form that is currently required for attendance reporting. There is no fee for self-submission.

How to verify your participation and obtain certificates

Please sign in once per day.  New York attorneys and attorneys seeking CPE credit (if requested) must sign out each day as well.

All attendees seeking credit and certificates must fill out an online CLE request affidavit to verify their participation.  Once your attendance has been verified, you will receive a personalized link to your request form via email.  You may also receive a link on-site that requires sign in.  Once both the affidavit is complete and your attendance verified, you'll receive your certificates online and via email.

Attendance Reporting

For each accredited in-person CLE program, please complete the provided online Attendance Affidavit to confirm your attendance and obtain your certificates.  The affidavit of attendance will be provided within a week after the end of a program  via email.

Please check your ABA CLE information on your state for information on whether you need to report your attendance or if the ABA will reprot your attendance. Programs which are not accredited by the ABA in some jurisdictions may be available for self-application and self-reporting with the state.

A Note About MCLE Credit

The content on this page is for informational and educational purposes only. Each state has its own rules and regulations indicating what qualifies for CLE credit.  Certain programs, subjects, and formats may not receive credit in some states and there may be specific rules regarding who may earn credit or the maximum number of credit hours that may be earned with specific formats.  Please contact your state MCLE regulatory entity for specific questions about your MCLE rules.