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    Mediation Career Opportunities: What Law Students Should Know

    Mediation Career Opportunities: What Law Students Should Know

    Mediation Career Opportunities: What Law Students Should Know

    Law students: Have you learned about mediation in school but wondered if you could really make it into a career? Let us show you how with panelists who have done it themselves. This free webinar will walk you through how to set yourself up for success while still in school, and the wide range of possible career paths in mediation.

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    We're here to dispel the notion that ADR has to be a second or third career. Why not start your post-law school career in a field you are passionate about? Not to mention, the use of mediation is growing exponentially with programs administered by courts and administrative agencies and private contracts often requiring parties to implement mediation. As such, there are increasing opportunities both for neutrals and for mediation representation.
    Our panelists will tell you about the variety of mediation careers they've had, and what they wish they knew to break into the field. They will tell you what coursework, training, and internships to focus on while still in school, and discuss when and how mediation careers are open to law school grads. Just join the ABA Law Student Division (which is free) in order to access this webinar for free!
    The content of this program does not meet requirements for continuing legal education (CLE) accreditation. You will not receive CLE credit for attending. We can not provide certificates of attendance for this program.

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