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    Arbitration Efficiencies

    Arbitration Efficiencies

    Arbitration Efficiencies

    The import of full-fledged discovery and classic court procedures jeopardizes arbitration's promise of lower cost, greater speed, and increased efficiencies. Janice Sperow, Saloni Mavani, and Aaron Gothelf will share ideas to recapture those efficiencies and maintain arbitration's role as a genuinely alternative dispute resolution solution.

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    During this program participants will learn:

    • What areas of arbitration waste the most time and money.
    • How conducting an effective Preliminary Hearing can set the parties off on the right path to resolution.
    • How to resolve discovery disputes with little or no arbitrator involvement.
    • The importance of setting hearing time limits.
    • The importance of setting page limits on briefing.
    • How to identify issues capable of early resolution to narrow the hearing.
    • The effective use of mediation to avoid the need for a case to proceed to a hearing.
    • How requesting proposed awards from each side can reduce time spent on award drafting.
    • How to draft an arbitration clause that promotes efficiency.

    The content of this program does not meet requirements for continuing legal education (CLE) accreditation. You will not receive CLE credit for attending.

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    1/12/2022 12:00:00 AM

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