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    What Do Counsel and Mediators (Really) Want From Each Other?

    What Do Counsel and Mediators (Really) Want From Each Other?

    What Do Counsel and Mediators (Really) Want From Each Other?

    A candid conversation among two counsel - one in-house, one outside - and two mediators about what each wants from the other in a mediation, to improve the mediation process from the perspectives of both mediators and counsel.

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    Two experienced litigators -- one a corporate counsel, the other a lawyer with a private law firm -- and two seasoned mediators will engage in a robust discussion to share with each other (and the attendees) what they want from the other in order to make the mediation process work better. In the context of a constructive conversation among the four, the speakers will cover a variety of issues, including pre-mediation calls, written submissions/mediation statements, opening statements, joint sessions, overall strategy, the style the mediator uses (e.g., should the mediator be evaluative), dealing with impasse, how long should the mediation session go, follow-ups in the event the case does not settle at mediation, mediator proposals, and the process of finalizing a settlement.

    Mediators and counsel do not communicate enough about what they would like to have from one another to make the process work. The goal of this program is to help mediators and counsel communicate more, share what each wants more, to enhance the prospects that the mediation will be successful even if it does not culminate in a full resolution of the dispute.

    The content of this program does not meet requirements for continuing legal education (CLE) accreditation. You will not receive CLE credit for attending.

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