Predicting A Perfect Storm: COVID-19 and Election 2020 [CC]

    Predicting A Perfect Storm: COVID-19 and Election 2020 [CC]
    CLE 90 min

    Predicting A Perfect Storm: COVID-19 and Election 2020 [CC]

    With COVID-19 in the mix how safe and efficient will the 2020 elections be conducted?

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    The 2020 presidential election was always going to be a closely anticipated and much watched election, and now with COVID-19 in the mix what can we expect? Do we have the makings of a perfect storm or perhaps it will be just a little bit of precipitation? As we adjust to a new normal, in all aspects of our lives, states, localities, municipalities, and Native nations are working overtime to ensure that our elections will be conducted in the safest and most efficient manner possible in order to allow for equitable access to the franchise for all. These bodies of government are the stewards of our democracy and we know that they take their responsibility very seriously.

    A panel of bi-partisan experts discusses what might go wrong, what should go right, and everything in between. As an example, we know that there will be an unprecedented and exponential increase in mail-in balloting for the November 3rd election and that election returns results may not be immediate, but that does not mean that the system is not sound and not working. After all, if elections are not administered in a traditional manner that does

    not mean that it will be de facto fraudulent and unsuccessful. Possible topics of discussion include issues with voter rolls; unprecedented number of ballot requests; mail reliability; timing rules for receipt; ballots rejected; signature match issues; counting time; custody; and recounts and contests.

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    10/27/2020 12:00:00 AM

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