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    Taking Ombuds / Mediation Skills to the Protest

    Taking Ombuds / Mediation Skills to the Protest

    Taking Ombuds / Mediation Skills to the Protest

    Activism seeks to cause discomfort, demonstrate opposition, and highlight differences while ombudsing / mediation seeks to facilitate a collective approach that focuses on shared interests and goals. Is the work of ombuds and mediators as compared to activism contradictory? Or could they somehow work together to solve these deep-rooted societal issues?

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    Bayard Rustin said: "When an individual is protesting society's refusal to acknowledge their dignity as a human being, their very act of protest confers dignity on them." (with edits).

    Join D.A. Graham (The University of Kansas, University Ombuds) and Roy Baroff (NC State University, Faculty & Staff Ombuds) in an interview / conversation about taking your ombuds / mediation skills to the streets. D.A. was on the streets of Baltimore after Freddie Gray's death talking with activists and police. He recently talked with protestors and law enforcement in his own Lawrence, Kansas, during a demonstration. This conversation will explore D.A.'s experience, we'll debrief some aspects of his approach and invite all attending to think about how we can use our skills today.

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