Celebrity Licensing (On-Demand CLE)

    Celebrity Licensing (On-Demand CLE)
    CLE 60 min

    Celebrity Licensing (On-Demand CLE)

    Licensing always carries a certain degree of risk that can never be entirely eliminated. However, licensors can assess risk and reduce the likelihood of problems. This webinar will discuss various risk types and then focus on common risks such as licensed product failure, cannibalizing the core product, consumer complaints, contractual nonperformance, other contractual risks, counterfeits and infringements, non-contractual promises and reputational damage.

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    A number of celebrities have achieved true brand status entirely through licensing. An understanding of how they have accomplished this is instructive for existing brands seeking to grow through licensing as well as new brands seeking to achieve consumer awareness. This subject provides insights about the dos and don’ts of trademark licensing, including several best practices.

    Join Beanstalk co-founder and Chairman Michael Stone, author of The Power of Licensing: Harnessing Brand Equity for this discussion.

    In particular, we will focus on what makes a celebrity a brand, celebrity and retailer motivations, and digital celebrities. Various celebrities including Kathy Ireland and Drew Barrymore will be used as illustrative examples of things that can go right and things that can go wrong.

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    1/22/2020 12:00:00 AM

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