Legal Project Management as a Process (On-Demand CLE)

    Legal Project Management as a Process (On-Demand CLE)
    CLE 60 min

    Legal Project Management as a Process (On-Demand CLE)

    Interested in implementing a legal project management (LPM) program but don't have the resources to hire a dozen project managers? This course will teach you how to create an LPM program--and use fewer dedicated resources--by approaching it from a process perspective.

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    With increasing pressure and mounting competition, it's important to operate efficiently; automating legal processes can help. Many practice management systems offer readily available automation options to facilitate your firm’s move to streamlined delivery of legal services. But effective automation is facilitated by first clarifying and documenting processes through the creation of checklists and/or process maps.

    In this session, you'll learn what automation is available and how it works, as well as different options and strategies to document a process prior to automating it.

    After taking this course, you'll understand:

    • The difference between a process and a project plan
    • How to design a legal process
    • How to design legal processes to support LPM

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