The Commission helped implement significant changes to the presence of diversity on the ABA’s web site.  It transformed the former page into a dynamic portal featuring the following elements:

  • Photo carousel highlighting various diversity related information and events;
  • Information about and webpages for the eight principal diversity entities;
  • Links to the various diversity webpages for ABA entities;
  • Highlights such as diversity efforts across all ABA entities and a calendar of diversity events taking place during the Annual Meeting;
  • Real-time Twitter feed providing info on the latest diversity topics, resources, and discussions;
  • Products and Current Events feed highlighting new diversity publications and events; and
  • Popular Resources area that includes:

            The Member Diversity Plan

            Current and past Goal III Reports

            New Pipeline Directory

            Diversity Toolkits and Projects

            Diverse Speakers Directory

            Diversity Plan Template

            ABA Entity Diversity Plans

            Diversity related newsletters, books, reports, fellowships, scholarships, and awards

This Diversity and Inclusion 360 site is located on the portal page.