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Litigation & Trial Practice Newsletter - Winter 2021

Lessons Learned in the Virtual World: An interview with the Honorable Peter Reyes of the Minnesota Court of Appeals by Victoria Alvarez - Victoria: Judge Reyes, thank you for taking the time to discuss your experiences on the appellate bench in this new world of virtual interaction. What are some things that make virtual arguments difficult for judges? Judge Reyes: The lack of interaction with the broader public and parties poses a challenge. While I sit on an appellate bench and we are generally more focused on oral arguments, we still have had parties, other interested individuals, and sometimes classrooms who might have otherwise attended in-person. Now, even though third-parties can listen and watch remotely, they are not visible to us onscreen. It is important to remember that these cases are about real people who come to our court because they have a story to tell. They want us to hear their story and even if we do not rule in their favor, they want to see justice done.

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