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Aviation and Space Law Newsletter - Winter 2020

Mayday, Mayday! Minimizing air carriers’exposure by protecting their whistleblowers - lessons gleaned from AIR21, by Sheryl L. Axelrod and Lisa J. Savitt - A. The Cost of Not Protecting WhistleblowersThe price of not creating a safe environment to foster, fully investigate, and tend toair carrier-related whistleblower input, can be staggering. Take, for example, thelives and money lost in connection with the Boeing 737 Max 8. On October 29,2018, one such aircraft plummeted into the Java Sea in Indonesia. All 189 peopleonboard died. Less than 5 months later on March 10, 2019 in Ethiopia, anotherBoeing 737 Max 8 aircraft crashed. All 157 people onboard died bringing the totalnumber of fatalities in the two crashes to 346.

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