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YourABA December 2013

YourABA: 2013 year in review
YourABA features news to help you hone your lawyering skills, and in 2013, it offered up a mix of articles on litigation skills, communication, marketing and much more. Rediscover some of the best of 2013 to reinforce ideas that still remain relevant. Make the new year your best one yet!

Alternative fee arrangements grow in popularity
April 2013
Law firms have created numerous alternatives to the billable hour when pricing legal services. The most common are outlined here.

Targeting clients for growth
May 2013
Having a good book of business requires a lot more than luck. It takes thought, careful planning and plenty of hard work to make sure that you are positioned in the right place at the right time to land the right clients.

Judge: 12 ways to lose trials and how to avoid them
March 2013
Every day, lawyers sabotage their own cases at trial for a variety of reasons. Judge Ruben Castillo of the Northern District of Illinois in Chicago shared which errors to watch out for.

A personalized ‘dashboard’ can help with work-life management
May 2013
A San Diego lawyer shares her dashboard system of managing where she needs to focus her efforts to adjust her work-life balance.  

How to improve communication in your firm
June 2013
What can be done to address the need for effective communication when email is tying many of us to our desks? Work as a team to develop a communication plan that includes everyone in your firm who has supervisory responsibility.

How to better serve corporate clients
September 2013
An Annual Meeting panel points out the importance of an early and realistic assessment of a case.

Mobile marketing: Do law firms need an app for that?
October 2013
As the world goes mobile, law firms are finding that marketing to mobile devices is increasingly important. But the jury is out on whether law firms need their own apps.

Tailor your career to fit your strengths
November 2013
Before you can tailor your legal career to match your personal strengths, you need to discover what those strengths are. Experts advise lawyers on how best to identify their strengths and then build on those areas.

Interviewing tips for lawyers
December 2013
In the ever-changing and competitive job market, lawyers seeking to start or advance their careers must be prepared to interview well if they want to move ahead in the profession.

10 tips for approaching lawyer rankings and ratings November 2013
A positive ranking can be a nice feather in the cap for a lawyer or law firm, but as the rating business has expanded and changed, experts on an American Bar Association panel advised lawyers on the best ways to manage their participation in this industry.

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Taxpayer Advocate Service
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Senior Attorney
Matthews International Capital Management
San Francisco – Dec. 18

Associate General Counsel
Pepco Holdings, Inc.
Washington, D.C. – Dec. 10

Assistant City Attorney
City of Petaluma
Petaluma, Calif. – Dec. 9

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A client with cash-flow problems has a new probate matter. Is it ethical to include a provision in the retainer agreement that authorizes the firm to withdraw from the representation if the client fails to pay his legal fees in a timely manner?

A customer of the same client paid for services with a check from a closed account. The partner wants to send the customer a letter threatening a report to law enforcement if he does not pay, but seems to recall an ethics provision that prohibits threats of criminal action to gain an advantage in a civil matter. Can he send such a letter?

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ABA TECHREPORT 2013: An overview

Tech experts dig into and analyze the results of the annual Legal Technology Survey Report. Here’s an overview of each of the 10 articles with a sneak peek of one key stat from each.

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