Ethics Guidelines, Human Trafficking and Unbundling of Legal Services Among Resolutions Adopted by ABA
The American Bar Association has adopted new policy on a number of key legal issues. The association’s 560-member House of Delegates met Feb. 11 during the ABA Midyear Meeting in Dallas.
> House weighs in on practice authority for foreign lawyers

Independence of the judiciary theme of several key speeches in ABA House of Delegates
Delegates in the House heard from several ABA leaders and legal luminaries during their one-day policymaking session, including former Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.
> “Without the rule of law, without an independent judiciary, you cannot have a democracy,” Hutchison said.

Indigent Defense Advocate: Fundamental Rights in Criminal Cases Not Protected, Despite Gideon Ruling
Fifty years after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled a constitutional right to counsel for indigents in criminal cases in Gideon v. Wainwright, Stephen Bright — president and senior counsel for the Southern Center for Human Rights — reviewed the state of public defender systems during the Eighth Annual Summit on Indigent Defense Improvement.
> Bright urges system overhaul

ABA Honors Excellence in Inclusive Leadership
The ABA Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Profession honored six lawyers with 2013 Spirit of Excellence Awards for their significant contributions to advancing diversity in the profession.
> “Shining examples for future generations of lawyers”

First Hearing on Stand Your Ground Laws Focuses on Racial Profiling and Human Costs
A southwest regional hearing, hosted by the ABA Coalition on Racial and Ethnic Justice, launched a comprehensive legal study of Stand Your Ground laws, which is being led by a new ABA national task force.
> Watch testimony from the hearing

Program Mobilizes Lawyers and Judges to Combat Modern-Day Slavery
With more than 100,000 U.S. citizens estimated to be victims of human trafficking, the problem is widespread in this country. Also known as modern-day slavery, human trafficking is found in big cities, small towns and rural areas.
> See video from expert speakers

National Security Experts Discuss Options for ‘Active’ Cyber Defense
If a cybercriminal hacks into your network and steals your files, what legal right do you have to track down the thief and perhaps hack into his network and recover or destroy the files?
> Law firms are a target for cyber theft

Attorneys Respond to Unauthorized Practice of Law
Across America, notario fraud is a common practice. An ABA Midyear Meeting panel examined how attorneys can better respond to these abuses in their communities.
> Who are “notarios?”

The Fracking Wars: Panelists Debate Pros and Cons of Growing Technology
As the Dallas City Council decides on gas drilling within its city limits, experts at the ABA Midyear Meeting explained how lawyers can navigate the impact of the growing controversial practice of fracking.
> What is fracking?

Young Lawyers Give One-on-One Career Advice
Volunteers on the phone, in-person and online offered career advice to hundreds of inquiring law students and new lawyers at the ABA Young Lawyers Division’s first CareerLine LIVE! event.
> More than 70 volunteers gave support and guidance

Experts Review Public Defender Systems as Gideon Anniversary Approaches
As the nation marks the 50th anniversary of Gideon v. Wainwright, which recognized the right to government-funded counsel for criminal defendants too poor to hire a lawyer, experts debated at the ABA Midyear Meeting whether the criminal right to counsel in the United States has been realized in practice or falls short.
> Funding is “shockingly inadequate,” said one panelist

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