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Taking paper out of the law office
A paperless practice can allow a lawyer to move with "less effort, greater speed and more focus," says Benjamin Yale in his new book, The Paperless Office. YourABA spoke with the author for more advice on transitioning from paper to paperless.
Strategies to digitize >>

10 ways to keep clients happy so you don't lose them
Managing a firm isn't just about taking care of the business. It's also about showing clients some TLC so they'll stay loyal.
Practical tips to try now >>

Advice on balancing life and work
Building a life around friends, family, spirituality, fitness—and not just work—his a lawyer's right, not an option. Here are some ways to make it happen.
Reconsider your life values >>

Help prevent law-firm data breaches with these security basics
Law firms are prime targets for hackers. Take these steps to guard against leaks of sensitive information.
Protect yourself now >>

Thriving after disaster: Tips from Katrina survivors
A disaster-response plan is crucial, but it does no good if only upper-level managers are familiar with it. Make sure everyone knows what to do when a disaster strikes.
More guidance on business continuity >>

The do's and don'ts of coaching corporate witnesses
Preparing a witness is a lawyer's professional responsibility. Experts review the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct for guidance and offer key points to remember when getting a witness ready for deposition.
Advice to hone your skills >>

Managing brands in social media: Be proactive, act fast
Check out highlights from a panel at the ABA's Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference about advising businesses on such issues as policing trademark imposters and creating social-media policies.
Help clients learn to pick their trademark battles >>

Are Web-based terms of sale enforceable?
They are if a contract clearly shows that both parties intend to be bound by the Web-based terms. Two Chicago-based lawyers provide additional guidance.
Courts treat "agree" and "disagree" buttons as signatures >>

Lawyers with disabilities share strategies for professional success
The panel of lawyers at the ABA's Third National Conference on the Employment of Lawyers with Disabilities emphasized "owning" one's disability, or knowing what you need, asking for it and not giving up until you receive it.
How to achieve three levels of success >>

Culture, access and training all critical to antitrust compliance program
An effective program fits into a greater compliance program within a business, explained experts at the ABA's Section of Antitrust Law Spring Meeting.
Create a continuing dialog about abiding by the rules >>

New jobs posted on the ABA Job Board

Staff Attorney
Planned Parenthood Federation of America

New York or Washington, D.C. - May 22


Bethesda, Md. - May 22

Operational Paralegal
Health Management Associates

Naples, Fla. - May 18

Sr. Strategic Policy Advisor - Consumer & State Affairs

Washington, D.C. - May 18

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Eye on Ethics

Screen nonlawyer employees for conflicts of interest

After your firm has invested decades of work in a class-action lawsuit, a settlement finally appears to be at hand.

You are at your desk, glancing at an email introducing new paralegal assistants, and you note with growing concern the résumé of one of the new staff members. This paralegal has previously worked for the other side of the same class-action suit to which she is now assigned at your firm.

Impact on upcoming settlement negotiations >>

Technology Translators

Evaluating cloud-computing providers

If you're one of the many practitioners who have decided to move your practice "into the cloud," it's important that you do the appropriate research— and ask the relevant questions—to make sure you're using a service provider that will help you meet the highest standards for client service and confidentiality.

Five questions to ask providers >>

Center for CLE

The CLE Premier Speaker Series showcases a faculty of today's most prominent and influential legal practitioners. Each monthly program is available free of charge to ABA members.

Monday, June 18

"The Americans with Disabilities Act: A Practical Guide," featuring Kareem Dale, White House special assistant to the president for disability policy


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