Issue Highlights


Welcome to the September 2003 issue of GPSolo Technology eReport.

Do you find yourself moving more and more information to your computer? (Hint: if you don’t, you should.) David Masters and Mindi Conerly team up to provide a guideline to organizing your documents and files on the computer so that you can easily find what you need.

If you have thought about getting some of that fancy new digital camera equipment, read Jeffrey Allen’s article “Let’s Make a Deal” for some tips on how to save some money without getting burned.

Tony Vittal tells you about the new 802.11g wireless standard in Tech Notes .
Jeffrey Allen talks about Apple’s new G5 PowerMacs (to buy or not to buy, that is the question) in Mac Notes .

Check out Product News for these new hot products: Plantronics M1500 Bluetooth wireless phone headset and X-1, a search engine for your computer.

Finally, don’t miss Section Notes for information about the Section’s Fall Meeting at Minneapolis’s Hilton Hotel in October.


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