Issue Highlights


Welcome to the February 2003 issue of GPSolo Technology eReport. In this issue we focus on wireless technology. Ross Kodner’s “No Strings Attached” presents a basic primer on wireless technology in and out of the law office. (For additional practical advice on wireless solutions, see the Tech Notes column and Product News column.) Also, if you’re considering using some fancy technology in your next trial, Helen Palmore’s “Trends in the Electronic Courtroom” tells you what is available to help.

David Masters’ Tech Notes column deals with wireless networking and provides details regarding the use of WiFi in the office. And check out Product News for hot new products, many of them wireless.

In addition, Jeff Allen’s Mac Notes describes Apple’s newest laptop and software offerings introduced at MacWorld in San Francisco in January. Finally, don’t miss the Section Notes for information about TechShow in April, the GPSSF Section Spring Meeting in May, and the ABA Annual Meeting in August.


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