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Issue Highlights


Welcome to the August 2004 issue of GPSolo Technology eReport.

Are you using Adobe® Acrobat® to its fullest extent? See what Ann Steele has to say about how to use Acrobat® in your practice.

Worried about spyware? If not, you should be! See Dan Coolidge’s “Virus Protection Is Not Enough” for insight into your risks and exposures and how to avoid them.

Tony Vittal tells you about the evolving use of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) in Tech Notes . And Jeffrey Allen talks about Microsoft’s new Office 2004 for Mac and discusses the use of its Project Center as a litigation management tool in Mac Notes .

Check out Product News for these new hot products: WordPerfect Office 12, IOGEAR Video Switch, IOGEAR 4-Port Wireless Router/Print Server, and IOGEAR USB Wireless Adapter.