Issue Highlights


Welcome to the April 2003 issue of GPSolo Technology eReport. In this issue we focus on helping lawyers on the go. Do you find yourself moving around more and more? Ross Kodner and Tom Rowe team up to provide tips and secrets of the successful road warrior in “The Long, Unwinding Road: How Mobile Lawyers Survive the Miles.” There’s also advice for traveling on the information superhighway—everything you always wanted to know about cookies (no, not chocolate chip, the kind that you get on the Internet) and more. Ellen Freedman shows you how to make the cookie monster your friend. Moreover, Tony Vittal tells you how to access your computer from any other computer connected to the Internet or from your PDA in Tech Notes .

Regarding new products and applications, Jeff Allen talks about Apple’s iPod for Macintosh and Windows computers in Mac Note . Sure, you can use it for music, but do you know you can use it as an external hard drive and for emergencies? Also, check out Product News for these new hot products: noise-reducing Headsets; large capacity, small form hard disk drives for use on the road and at your office; and a simple, inexpensive document assembly program.

Finally, don’t miss Section Notes for information about the Section’s Spring Meeting at Baltimore’s Marriott Inner Harbor Hotel in May and the Annual Meeting in San Francisco this August.


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