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Plantronics M1500
Plantronics M1500 wireless headset: a Bluetooth headset, weighing less than an ounce, and a transceiver that plugs into the headset plug of your phone. You can carry the transceiver in a belt pouch or in your pocket or purse, or you can attach it to the back of your phone. If you use a Nokia phone without a headset plug, Plantronics offers a transceiver that plugs into the connector at the base of the phone (M1500-N1 or M1500-N2, depending on your Nokia model).

The M1500 has a noise-canceling boom microphone that adjusts to your face. It produces clear digital-quality sound. A full charge (one hour) provides approximately 3.0 hours of talk time and three days of standby time between charges. Using the optional car lighter adapter, you can recharge the headset and the transceiver while on the road. You can use the headset while recharging; but don’t simultaneously charge your transceiver and your phone while using the headset, as poor audio will result.)

The headset includes an integrated volume control and mute switch. Rotate the dial to change the volume level, and push in on it to enable/disable the mute function. If you get a Bluetooth-enabled phone, you need not change headsets. Just continue to use your M1500 headset without the transceiver. If you already have a Bluetooth phone, buy the headset without the transceiver, such as the M1000. As of August 24, 2003, mySimon ( reports prices for the M1500 ranging from $119 to $219.99 with free shipping and handling. Reviewed by Tony Vittal


X1: A Search Engine for Your Computer
Finding files on one’s computer can be tedious, time consuming, and frustrating. To address that problem, anew, simple, and easy to use program called X1 has just hit the street, or should I say the web! (You can download a trial version free at

Upon installation, X1 appears as a tool bar at the top of your screen. Enter a text string and put X1 to work; X1 will immediately begin to display files on your computer that include that text string. The folks at Idealab have put together a fine new tool.

Mark Goodstein, the head of the X1 project, says that the interface is “sufficiently intuitive and innovative to allow users to be able to narrow down most all of their searches” from a very large amount to just a few. That allows X1 to work very efficiently and more rapidly than most that I have used.

Now the question becomes what will happen to X1 in the coming weeks and months (because it’s only been out 3 weeks!). Well, first off, the folks at Idealab seem serious about being around for a while, and they seem committed to listening to the public about what a good hard disk search product should have. They have put faith in listening to their Beta Testing groups and answering the more common problems that have thus far arisen in X1. The product would benefit from few more features and functions such as search capabilities for pictures, attachments, and Acrobat files. I have had several discussions with the X1 folks. They seem to be listening to what we, as lawyers, will need in a document search engine.

You can download a free trial version of X1 at and If you desire to go a step further into the Pro version, the cost is $50.00. Reviewed by Alan Pearlman

J. Anthony Vittal ( chairs the litigation department of Finestone, Richter & Vittal, P.C., in Los Angeles, California. A former member of the ABA Standing Committee on Technology and Information Systems and a member of various technology-oriented committees of ABA Sections, he speaks and writes frequently on legal technology topics.

Alan Pearlman ( practices family and criminal law in Illinois. An active member of the ABA GPSSF Section, he has been a member of the Editorial Board of the GPSolo Technology & Practice Guide. He also works as a technology consultant, often writes for lawyers, and regularly speaks at continuing education courses for attorneys.

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