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JULY 2011

VOL. 10, No. 2

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    Last Issue of GPSolo Technology eReport !!!!!!

    (Not really.)

    By Jeffrey Allen, Editor-In-Chief

    This is the last issue you will ever receive of GPSolo Technology eReport. Starting in August, the GPSolo Division will consolidate all of its newsletters into one electronically delivered newsletter. The consolidated newsletters will go under the name GPSolo eReport.

    The Division plans to deliver the eReport to your email inbox on a monthly basis around the middle of each month, starting in August 2011. I will serve as the Editor-In-Chief of the eReport. Aviva Cuyler will become the technology editor, Jim Schwartz (formerly the editor of GPSolo Law Trends & News) will edit the substantive law portions, and Evan Loeffler (formerly the editor of Solo) will edit the law practice management section of the newsletter. Kim Anderson, the Division’s capable staff director, will continue to provide content regarding Division operations and activities.

    Due in no small part to the exceptionally dedicated and talented editing staff and art staff assigned to work on the eReport by the ABA, the new eReport will have a new and more modern look and feel.

    We hope you will enjoy the new GPSolo eReport even more than its predecessor newsletters and that you will find the monthly delivery of this information helpful, useful, and more convenient than the intermittent delivery of the predecessor newsletters.


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