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Check Out the Smart Soloing Center

The ABA and its General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division have created a new resource for solo practitioners and small firm attorneys as well as attorneys engaged in general practice. The Smart Soloing Center collects and publishes articles of interest, links that may prove useful, and other resources that can prove beneficial to its audience. We update the content frequently to ensure that it remains current and that it reflects the needs and interests of solo, small firm, and general practice attorneys. The content for the Smart Soloing Center will come from an assortment of ABA publications, publications from other sources, and original articles created for the Center. To visit the Smart Soloing Center, visit In the next several months the ABA will upgrade its entire website. In conjunction with that upgrade we will add product reviews and information about special officers from vendors. The Smart Soloing Center went live in conjunction with the ABA Annual Meeting in San Francisco last month. The GPSolo Division has appointed Jeff Allen to chair the Division’s Smart Soloing Center Content Committee. If you know of articles, links, or other information of use to solo, small firm, and general practice attorneys that we have not added to the site or if you have a product that you have used and found helpful and would like to review that product for the Center, please communicate that information to Jeff Allen at:

Jeffrey Allen, Graves & Allen, 436 14th Street, Suite 1400, Oakland, California 94612; Phone: 510-839-8777; Fax: 510-839-5192; email:



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GPSolo Division Chair James M. Durant, III
Technology eReport Editor Jeffrey Allen  |  GPSOLO Editor-in-Chief Joan M. Burda
Technology eReport Editorial Board Wells Anderson, Teri Bossard, Brett Burney, James Calloway, Andrew Clark, Aviva Cuyler, Alan Klevan, Avi Naveh, John Newby, Alan Pearlman, Nerino Petro, jennifer j. rose, Erik Swanson, J. Anthony Vittal, Randi Whitehead, Andrew Simpson, Ex-Officio
American Bar Association Staff Tom Campbell ( Managing Editor)

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