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MAR 2009

Vol. 8, No. 1

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  • MacNotes »
    Post-Steve Jobs offerings at Macworld.
  • SurvivingEmail »
    How to become infamous on mailing lists.
  • Sites for Sore Eyes »
    About time-sites having to do with all things chronological.
  • ProductNotes »
    Lenovo Ideapad S10, Clio, Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced and Cases for Technogadgets.
  • DivisionNotes »
    GPSolo Spring Meeting - Housing and Registration Deadlines!, Call for 2009 Diversity and Young Lawyer Fellowships Applications, ABA Economic Recovery Resources.

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GPSolo Division Chair Robert A. Zupkus
Technology eReport Editor Jeffrey Allen  |  GPSOLO Editor-in-Chief Joan M. Burda
Technology eReport Editorial Board Brett Burney, Aviva Cuyler, Daniel Coolidge, Bruce Dorner, Alan Pearlman, Nerino Petro, Randi Whitehead
American Bar Association Staff Tom Campbell ( Managing Editor)

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