Volume 5, Number 2
May 2006

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Attention all members, the Bylaws Committee is recommending that the Division Bylaws be changed.  Please download and review the revisions to the Bylaws (MS Word) and email genpractice@abanet.org with your comments, questions, and suggestions. The Bylaw revisions were approved by Council on May 6, 2006, and will be up for approval at the Annual Meeting of the Membership on August 5, 2006 at the Annual Meeting.

Cool Tools

GP|Solo's Resources Section continues to expand. The latest addition is Cool Tools a page that gathers the latest and greatest free tools are available online. From simple ideas like being able to transfer files too big for email to heady concepts like Social Bookmarking, stop by to see what is available to make your life easier.


 Solosez is an email discussion list for solo and small firm lawyers. Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, Solosez has grown to be the ABA's busiest list. Solosez has now even earned a place in Wikipedia.

For a taste of what Solosez has to offer, check out the popular threads on Solosez's website. Last month's threads were:

  • (Off Topic) Dating . . . Who Pays?
  • Lawyer’s Obligations As An Employer?
  • Giving Away PC - How Best to Clean
  • Any Patent Attorneys Here?


 MilitarySez is a n email forum for lawyers who are in the military, either on active or reserve duty, contemplating a career in the military, or who have questions about legal issues involving the military. Recently formed, it is modeled on Solosez, the ABA's busiest discussion list. As a cyber-water cooler, MilitarySez offers an opportunity for practitioners to pose questions, offer advice, and share information. Discussion group participants determine the topics for discussion. You need not be a member of GP|Solo or even the ABA to join the list, just go to GP|Solo's Military home page to sign up.




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