Volume 5, Number 1
March 2006

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Let YouSendIt Send That Monster File

By jennifer rose

 How many times have you wanted to send a large file, only to have it bounce back from the recipient, because the file’s too large? Or sent the file by mistake to the wrong person? Or the recipient’s using an email program that prohibits receipt of very large files? Perhaps you just can’t get past the firewall. Or you didn’t have access to an FTP server.

Maybe the recipient’s on the road, and can’t wait for long downloads, using that rusty dialup at the lake house. But you want to get that file off to the recipient in a hurry, because you’re headed off to the rustic village of Brie where you’ll be lucky to find a slow connection.

Or maybe you just want to share a large file with a mailing list that prohibits attachment.

YouSendIt, http://www.yousendit.com/, is the answer you’ve been looking for. Admittedly, the first time I received something from YouSendIt, I almost tossed it into the trash, figuring it was just a piece of junk mail. A second look revealed that Jim Calloway, known to me to be the practice management advisor of the Oklahoma State Bar Association, had sent me something with the subject line “YouSendIt Delivery Notification.” Had someone spoofed Jim’s address? I opened the message and read on:

You have a file named "Really Important Stuff2005.pdf" (13477 KB) from jimc@okbar.org waiting for download.

jimc@okbar.org says:

Here's the 2005 materials file.

You can click on the following link to retrieve your file. The link will expire in 7 days
and will be available for a limited number of downloads.

ReallyImportantStuff2005.pdf (13477 KB)

If you have any questions, please email support@yousendit.com.

The YouSendIt Team

Still not sure what this was all about, I went to YouSendIt’s site and checked it out before clicking on the link. And sure enough, the link led me to a download of what Jim had promised to send me. It was amazingly simple. And I became a believer.

YouSendIt is capable of sending large files up to 1 GB in an encrypted HTTPS session (SSL/TLS), faster than the speed of light, and it’s absolutely free. Files must be downloaded by the recipient within seven days before vaporizing, but the same file can be downloaded a thousand times. Files can be sent to up to fifty recipients. Opening a YouSendIt account, http://www.beta.yousendit.com/signup.php, requires nothing more than an email address and following a verification link.

And even if you’ve sent that file the old-fashioned way as an attachment to email, there’s no guarantee that the recipient’s received it. Like good old FedEx or UPS, YouSendIt has tracking and notification features.

Nothing irritates me more than well-meaning, albeit misguided, friends and family who insist upon sending me megafiles of some stupid home video they’ve just made, clogging up my inbox. Now, if I can just train them to send those files to YouSendIt instead.

jennifer j. rose is editor-in-chief of GPSolo. She lives in Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico.




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