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Welcome to the September 2005 issue of the GPSolo Technology eReport.

Are you using videoconferencing in your practice yet? If not, should you start? See what Harold German has to say about how to use videoconferencing in your practice.

Worried about spyware? If not, you should be! See Brett Burney’s “ Stay Away From Spyware” for insight into your risks and how to minimize your exposure.

Tony Vittal tells you about the evolution of data storage devices in Tech Notes .

Jeffrey Allen talks about Apple’s decision to build its computers around Intel microprocessors in Mac Notes .

See what jennifer rose has to say about Thunderbird (not the car—the email client) in Surviving Email .

Check out Product Notes for reports on the HP 8200 series laptop computers, The Missing Sync, PocketMac for Blackberry, and NextClient web building and sponsoring.

Finally, don’t miss Division Notes for information about the Division’s upcoming meetings and activities.


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