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Welcome to the June 2005 issue of the GPSolo Technology eReport.

Want to speed up and improve your legal writing? Take a look at Wells Anderson’s “ Twelve Tech Tips for Legal Writers.”

Looking for some inexpensive utilities that can improve your relationship with your computer? See “ Utilities That Bring Joy to My Desktop” by Dan Coolidge.

Tony Vittal tells you how to become a wireless road warrior in Tech Notes .

Jeffrey Allen reports on Apple’s newest big cat: OS X version 10.4, a.k.a. “Tiger,” focusing on its built-in document control features in Mac Notes .

In her inaugural column, Surviving Email , jennifer rose explains how to manage busy email lists with Gmail.

Check out Product Notes for these hot products: CMS Products backup drives, and Xerox 8400N Phaser Printer.

Finally, don’t miss Section Notes for information about the Section’s upcoming meetings and activities.


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