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Issue Highlights


Welcome to the November 2004 issue of GPSolo Technology eReport.

Are you using your webcam for in-office video conferencing? Read what Alan Pearlman has to say about his experience with webcam video conferencing.

Interested in using video depositions in your trials? See Ryan Hodge’s “Video Deposition Synching for Presentation Made Easy.”

Tony Vittal tells you about the development of computer emulators and also discusses desktop search engines in Tech Notes .

Jeffrey Allen talks about Apple’s new iMac, G5, Microsoft’s new Virtual PC, and the availability of high-speed wireless cards for Macs on the Verizon network in Mac Notes .

Check out Product News for these new hot products: ABS backup systems and software, Pacific Digital’s Memory Frame, Logitech’s MX 1000 Laser Mouse, and HP’s h6315 all-in-one handheld.

Finally, don’t miss Section Notes for information about the Section’s upcoming meetings and activities.


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