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Solo, Vol. 5, No2.
Winter 1998
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What Secretaries want, but might be afraid to tell you


Ellen Bravo is co-director of 9 to 5, National Association of Working Women, based in Milwaukee.

The job of secretary still requires a wide range of skills. In a survey of hundreds of secretaries, here's what they have to say they want from their law firm jobs:

  • In a word: Respect.
  • Pay determined based on skills, effort and responsibility.
  • The same benefits package lawyers receive.
  • Family care needs recognized. And the same leave as the lawyers have.
  • Not to be the scapegoat and be asked to lie to clients. Not to have mistakes blamed on them.
  • Compliments not on a new hairdo, but on the quality of work.
  • Information and direction. They're glad to read your instructions, but can't always read your mind.

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