From the Editor-in-Chief
Who’s the New Guy and What’s Up?

By Charles J. Driebe

After many years of outstanding service, Robin Page West has passed on the mantle of editor-in-chief to Chuck Driebe—that’s me. I am the senior partner of a small firm in Jonesboro, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. We like to say our firm solves problems in almost any area. Our areas of practice include civil and criminal trials, real estate, zoning, entertainment, and almost anything else. We know a little about most things and a lot about some. I have been active in the GPSSF Division for more years than I care to count and have served two terms on the Division Council and on numerous committees.

Solo is a compact newsletter with each issue devoted to a single topic. It is designed to be a quick read while waiting for court or at other dead times. (We even had one lawyer mother who appreciated the fact that she could read the newsletter in one hand while feeding her son!) Issues are designed to be informative and to pique readers’ interest, but are by no means encyclopedic.

We are introducing a new wrinkle to the newsletter: There will be a four-member editorial board with each member being in charge of one of the four issues. The board represents a wide spectrum of both interests and geography. Laurie Kadair Redman of Baton Rouge is in charge of this issue dealing with same-sex relationships. The next issue will be on billing and Sharon K. Campbell of Dallas is the issue editor. The other issue editors will be Patricia A. Garcia of New Orleans and Joan Marie Swartz of St. Louis. And, of course, the omnipresent jennifer j. rose (she of the no caps) continues as a special correspondent for all Solo newsletters. MaryAnn Dadisman is the ABA staff editor. Andrea Siegert is the designer.
The board is interested in any suggestions for topics that can be covered in short articles of around 400 words. If you want to add to your resume, just volunteer to write an article and you may see your name in print. You can contact me or any of the issue editors.

Charles J. Driebe, editor-in-chief of Solo Newsletter, practices in Jonesboro, Georgia. Contact him at .

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