General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Division

Solo, Spring 1996

Reducing Stress with Tae Kwon Do

by Kenneth A. Vercammen

Litigation attorneys are driven to perform their best andprovide success for clients. Putting client responsibility firstcan lead to constant stress. Preparing for trials, schedulingclients and witnesses, and juggling calendars creates worry andoften fatigue. To be a trial attorney you need to be in topphysical shape. Martial arts have given me an edge in my trialpractice.

Tae Kwon Do provides me and many others with a meaningfultraining regime that improves motivation, fitness, concentration,coordination, flexibility, confidence, and self-control. Dealingwith complicated cases, I find that pressure and stress build up.Tae Kwon Do eases the stress level. We achieve a strong mind andstrong body--no matter what our age, sex, weight, or skills.

Martial arts training provides positive self-image andpsychological benefits. This confidence results in a sense ofachievement and success. Tae Kwon Do helps us cope with life'sdifficulties and learn how to persevere. As one instructorstated, you apply creative and positive methods of thinking totraining and learn to respect others. You learn to expect theunexpected--and to meet it without hesitation.

No matter what your age, career, or interests, you will gainnew confidence in your ability to handle daily concerns and feelbetter about yourself both physically and mentally. The movementsin martial arts can be graceful yet strong and more interestingthan aerobic workouts.

Martial arts can be your outlet for stress and tension. Itwill increase your stamina, expand your cardiovascular fitness,and improve your overall physical condition. Plus, you will learneffective techniques for protecting yourself and your family.

Kenneth A. Vercammen practices law in Metuchen, New Jersey..


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