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Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act

Written from the unique viewpoint of a lawyer with a disability, this handbook gets beyond the myths about the ADA and offers a virtual road map to the law, as well as a framework for dealing with the ADA in a preventive manner.

Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act by attorney William D. Goren explains in clear and simple terms the legislation, administrative regulations, and the caselaw of the Act.

The book reviews and explains the ADA in the context of common, real-world situations, providing clarity and perspective to this largely misunderstood area of the law.

Issues covered include: pre-employment questionnaires, medical exams, and drug tests; health insurance discrimination and who is liable; the architectural requirements of new and existing public facilities; special considerations for health care workers; the relationship between the ADA and other laws; and mental illness.

Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act concludes with three checklists to use in developing ADA cases and preparing for trial, as well as appendices of sample pleadings, a table of statutes and regulations, and a table of cases.

Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act is published by the ABA's GPSSF Section (product code 5150280, $64.95 general, $54.95 for Section members.) To order, call (800) 285-2221.

Points to Ponder

  • What's the difference between the ADA and affirmative action statutes?
  • What types of businesses and organizations are affected by the ADA?
  • What's the true definition of a disability under the ADA?
  • What mitigating measures have an impact on a person's disability status?
  • What constitutes undue hardship for employers?



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