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Practical Pointers

• Practicing what you love helps you master the field and create personal contacts.

• Let friends and acquaintances know you’re available. Tell them when you win.

• Writing articles nets two results: income and advertising. (Keep your copyright; sell first-publication rights only.)

• Allow not-for-profits to reprint articles free, but require a biographical note, copyright notice, and a copy of the publication. Bill not-for-profits at a reduced rate.

• I charge $500 per day plus expenses as a speaker. Bonus: I make contacts and stay informed.

• Scrutinize memberships or other affiliations, and enter into personal relationships with care to avoid conflict of interest.

• I remind those seeking free legal services that my "free time" is spent with my family, friends, and my own dogs!

• Choose cases carefully. In a narrowly focused field, you’ll be indelibly associated with clients chosen and cases won.



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