General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Division

Solo, Summer 1996

More Sage Advice

by Thomas R. Thurmond

Hire the best people you can and pay them what they areworth. The person answering the telephone and screening potentialclients arguably is your most valuable employee. Train youremployees to do the job to your standards. Recognition andadequate compensation can avoid expensive turnover and retrainingcosts.

  • Don't send anything out of your office without personallymaking sure that it is correct and meets your standards.
  • Be scrupulous in your written and oral representations,including those made to the court. You have only one shot atestablishing a reputation for accuracy, honesty, and reliability.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help. Build a network ofadvisors to whom you can look for advice. The pioneers got theirshare of arrows and they can save you from getting some of yourown. When you have acquired experience, you can give back some ofyour knowledge to others.

Thomas R. Thurmond is a sole practitioner in Vacaville,California.


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