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Solo, Vol. 5, No 3.
Spring 1998
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Tape Backup Software on the Web


Backup software allows you to back up both individual workstations and network hard drives--the latter is a more complex process. These products usually come "bundled" with new tape backup units, but some can back up to removable cartridge hard drives (see "Beyond Tape: Cutting-Edge Backup Systems"). If your workstation uses Windows 95, check out these websites:

  • Cheyenne's Backup for Windows 95 software (
  • Seagate's Backup Exec software (
  • HP Colorado's Backup for Windows and Windows 95 software (
  • For networks based on Microsoft Windows NT Server or Novell's Netware or IntraNetware, you need heavier-duty, network-intended software to backup special configuration files. These products are not just for big networks; they are available for the smallest workgroups at affordable prices, and include:
  • Cheyenne's ARCserve 6.1 for Netware and ARCserve 6.5 for Windows NT Server (
  • Seagate's Backup Exec for Netware and NT (
  • Legato's Networker for Netware and NT (

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