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Solo, Vol. 5, No 3.
Spring 1998
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More Backup Info Online


If you want more information about backing up files, there are a number of websites where you can research to your heart's content.

• There's a fascinating new approach called "bit-by-bit drive image copying" made possible by software called Ghost from Innovative Data (, DriveCopy from Powerquest (, and Dupe It from CSC (

• There is backup software intended for individual workstations and for network hard drives--the latter being a more complex process. Examples of workstation backup software included Cheyenne's Backup for Windows 95 (, Seagate's Backup Exec (, and Hewlett-Colorado's Backup for Windows and Windows 95. These usually come "bundled" with new tape backup units, but some can even backup to removable cartridge hard drives like Iomega's Jaz (1.0 gigabytes per $75-$125 dollar cartridge) and Zip drives (100 megabytes per $9-$15 cartridge) ( or the Syquest Syjet cartridge system (1.5 gigabytes per $80-$120 dollar cartridge) (

• For big networks, see Seagate's Backup Exec for Netware and NT, as well as Legato's Networker for Netware and NT (

• There are also the removable rewritable optical drives such as those from Pinnacle Micro ( storing from 640 meg to 4.6 gigabytes per fast, nearly indestructible optical cartridges at costs from $600 (with $60 cartridges) to $1900 ($170 cartridges).

• Web backup products include BackupNet from Hot Wire Data Security at (free?); Connected Online Backup from Connected Corporation at ($15 per 50 meg); and from the cornucopia of McAfee utilities their $40 QuickBackup software Personal Vault systems (the latter at $10 per 30 meg per month)--

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