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Solo, Vol. 5, No 3.
Spring 1998
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Beyond Tape: Cutting-Edge Backup Systems

You may want to consider other backup options for your office, including special purpose websites that serve as off-site backup "vaults"; bit-by-bit drive image copying; and removable drive systems.

Special purpose websites. This lends a whole new meaning to "off-site" backup! The process is not particularly complicated--you use software to copy files from your PC to someone's server on the Net. Advantages? You can do it from anywhere. Disadvantages? It's a slow process, plus there's a possibility that the remote backup server might have crashed or be busy just when you need to restore your data. Special purpose websites that serve as off-site backup "vaults" include:

  • Hot Wire Data Security's BackupNet (
  • Connected Corporation's Connected Online Backup (
  • McAfee's QuickBackup software Personal Vault systems (
  • Bit-by-bit drive image copying. "Bit-by-bit drive image copying" is a fascinating new approach with interesting implications for backup systems. These products allow you to copy an entire hard drive and its contents--including DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows NT, and even SunOS and Unix drives to a "master drive" as an "image file." You can then use the software to make an exact duplicate of the "source drive" onto a different hard drive. While handy for setting up a bunch of new PCs in the office, the same thing could be done for backup purposes. Visit the following sites:
  • Innovative Data's Ghost software (
  • Powerquest's DriveCopy software (
  • CSC's Dupe-It! software (
  • Removeable cartridge drive systems. The latest removeable cartridge drive systems can be used both for backup purposes and to create unlimited portable regular hard drive storage. These systems offer an interesting alternative to single-purpose tape backup systems which can not be used for ordinary daily data and program storage and access.
  • Iomega's Zip drive (100 megabytes) and Jaz drive (1 gigabyte) (
  • The SyQuest SyJet (
  • Pinnacle Micro (

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