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Volume 10, no. 4

Wait! Wait a Minute Mr. Postman!

Why spin your wheels reinventing the wheel? Letters for Lawyers, 2nd Edition , offers 150 templates for the busy lawyer who has better things to do than gnaw the end of a pencil while trying to come up with just the right phrasing for a client collection notice or an engagement letter.

Written by Thomas E. Kane, a lawyer-turned-marketing-consultant, Letters help ease the task of communicating with clients, prospects, referral sources, employees, the media, and others. The book, packaged with a CD with all letters in both Word and WordPerfect, covers topics that range from partner buyouts to thank you and employment interview requests.

Communication with clients and referral sources

This section includes:

• client satisfaction survey cover letter, sample survey, pre-survey letter, and post-survey thank you;

• client service comment form and cover letter;

• collection letters phase 1, 2, and 3;

• condolences;

• confirm or change meeting; confirm seminar reservation;

• congratulations on award, birth of child, new position or promotion, office move or expansion; end of matter confirmation and questionnaire with cover letter;

• engagement letters for follow-up reminder, new client, new legal matter;

• firing a client;

• firm name change letter to clients;

• follow-up letters: after convention or event, after initial meeting, after seminar, after telephone call, at conclusion of matter, lost client;

• holiday greetings: generic holiday season, Thanksgiving, donation to charity;

• in-person client interview: pre-interview letters one and two, pre-interview letter for client services director/managing partner, post-interview letter;

• lawyer/paralegal assignment change;

• lawyer unavailable;

• merger announcement: acquiring firm (send to clients before merger), acquired firm (send to clients before merger);

• misunderstanding-apology: general, regarding billing;

• new client: letter to former law firm, welcome to client;

• open house invitation: letter form, card (general), card (holiday);

• partner buy-out notification;

• payment delay authorization: two letters;

• proposal cover letter;

• rate increase (send before invoice);

• referral “thank you” (four letters);

• regret client employee resignation;

• requesting referrals: after completing matter, from corporate client, expanding client base;

• retainer fee: reminders one and two, replenishment letters one and two;

• sending item of interest: general, article about the firm, article authored at firm.

• tax time reminder;

• “thank you”: after office or facility visit, for complimenting employee, for a kindness, longstanding relationship;

• unable to reach by telephone.

Communication with employees and prospecitve employees

This section includes:

• anniversary cover letter;

• candidate who declined employment offer;

• congratulations: birth of child; “pat on the back” in crisis situation, for client compliment, general, work effort, work on winning proposal;

• employee promotion;

• employment: interview confirmation, request, letter;

• “get well” to sick employee;

• jury duty postponement request;

• merger memo to employees;

• new employee welcome;

• reference: employee moving, employment verification only, regret employee resignation;

• “thank you for the interview”—no offer;

• “thank you for the résumé”—no interview or offer.

Communication with prospective clients and other contacts

This section includes:

• complimentary copy of firm newsletter;

• confirmation of meeting with prospective client;

• congratulations: new venture (business prospect), general, to send with promotional material, office move or expansion;

• direct mail: networking (general), mutual friend or client, cold call, follow-up;

• firm name change letter to non-clients;

• follow-up with prospective client (general), after meeting;

• legal services proposal: follow-up, format, transmittal letter;

• Martindale-Hubbell “AV” rating request letter;

• new partner or associate announcement (standard tombstone);

• pre-proposal information request;

• proposal presentation letter: confirming oral presentation, revised team;

• request: for proposal for PR firm, to be added to request for proposal (RFP) list;

• seminar follow-up letter: sending article or other information, change in law, responding to questions;

• seminar invitations: brochure/flyer, reservation card (sample);

• speaking engagement: accepting, declining (no interest and/or scheduling conflict), requesting;

• sponsorship letter: agreeing to sponsor, declining to sponsor;

• “thank you”: general and/or event vendors.

Communication with the media

This section includes:

• agreeing to interview: radio/TV, print media;

• firm spokesperson or media contact list: radio/TV, print media, sample;

• inviting a media interview;

• media fact sheet: cover letter, sample;

• media kit request;

• news release (sample);

• suggestions for dealing with the media;

• “thank you” to the media.

Letters for Lawyers, 2nd Edition, is available for $80 ($65 for GPSSF Section members) through the ABA Service Center at (800) 285-2221 or go online to our bookstore.

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