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Thanks to the Internet, today the world is literally at your fingertips. It provides a wonderful tool for planning a trip, either business or pleasure. You can scope out locations, hotels, local transportation, community activities, and nearby attractions while sitting in front of your home computer in your jammies. You may even find an unexpected online bargain. Here are a few interesting sites.
This is through Travelocity® business; there are discounts–check out the travel news section too.
Find hotels, bed and breakfasts, and apartments worldwide–great rating system.
Features exotic trips; expensive, but very cool!
A great reference and summary of every foreign country; it's nerdy, but a great resource.
Unbelievable value; online auction and fixed trips both within and outside the United States.
Based on the popular PBS series, it provides a good source for European vacations and beyond; includes podcasts.
So much information; a worldwide source; check out the BLUELIST, especially the popular ones.
The Web site companion to the Travel Channel; some good ideas and great discussion groups.
Camp and useful info; check out the free stuff in Vegas.
Internet resource for local and international travel at a discount.
Loaded with information from finding secret hotels in Italy to six "cool" attractions opening this year. Click on the "Trip Ideas" tab to find family-friendly destinations. Lots of added-value tips.

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