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What to Look for in an Executive Suite

  1. Does the quality of the furnishings, location, and staff reflect the image of your firm?
  2. Does the telephone equipment and service meet your needs?
  3. Do the offices and the layout meet your needs?
  4. Does the facility allow for expansion or downsizing?
  5. Is additional furniture available? At what costs?
  6. What services are included in your agreement? What other services are available, and at what cost?
  7. Are conference/deposition rooms of different sizes and price ranges available?
  8. Is audiovisual and/or presentation equipment available?
  9. What is the staff-to-client ratio? Is the facility manager on site?
  10. Is the building accessible to major highways and mass transportation? Is there ample parking?
  11. What types of firms currently use the center?
  12. How many other lawyers are in the suite and who are they?


Source: Alan C. Kam.



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