General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Section

General Practice Section, Solo, Winter 1996

Maybe You're Brighter than You Think

It used to be that you needed the patience of a lacemaker to install new computer software, not to mention a degree in computer technology. A good computer consultant was a necessity--someone to install your software and then stick around for a pricey day or so to show you how to use it. But that's not the case anymore.

These days, software is designed for easy installation even by non-MIT grads. So before you cough up the cost of a consultant, consider the following: If you're the type of computer user who learns best by doing--you don't even open the manual until you've loaded the disks and tried to figure out the program on your own--you might want to forget about hiring a consultant. Just do a little research, buy some software, and set aside the time you'll need to learn. Even if you hate one or two of the programs you purchase, and end up having to purchase replacements, you'll still have paid less overall than what it would have cost to hire a consultant.

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