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Vol. 15, No. 4

Arbitration & Mediation



So Long, SOLO Readers, and Thanks!

Your not-so-humble editor-in-chief—that's me—took over this job in 2006 from the founding editor, Robin Page West. This summer 2009 issue will be my last. The new editor-in-chief, Evan Loeffler, will begin his duties starting with the fall 2009 issue.

SOLO newsletter has evolved over the years. With the advent of my tenure, we decided each issue should in general cover a single theme with a range of subjects and authors. We created an editorial board giving each member a turn as an issue editor. The entire board met at the Division's fall meetings to plan the next year's topics for each of the four issues, assign issue editors, brainstorm specific related subjects, and suggest possible authors. Our 12 issues have addressed topics ranging from same-sex relationships to billing and collecting fees to "Wrestling with Pigs." (Feel free to look that one up online!)

Originally the newsletter was mailed in pamphlet form that could easily be taken with you and read, for example, while waiting in court or, as one reader reported, while nursing her baby. Articles were limited to about 400 words. The combination of the ascendance of electronic delivery and Division budget constraints, however, has led to the newsletter now being delivered by e-mail only. The Division saves more than $35,000 annually with this decision and longer articles are possible. And all back issues are available on the Division Web site 24/7.

The editorial board covered a wide range of practice areas, interests and geography. Members Sharon Campbell, Duke Drouillard, Patty Garcia, Laurie Kadair Redman, and Joan Swartz, all deserve our thanks for their time-consuming work and a job well done over the last three years. Staff editor MaryAnn Dadisman should get special recognition for her patience with this group.

As for me, being editor-in-chief of this outstanding group has been a real experience. My long involvement with the Division and two terms on the Council did not prepare me for the demands of this job! I appreciate the opportunity to have been directly involved in the SOLO newsletter. Maybe now, though, I can "rest in peace?"

Chuck Driebe is the out-going editor-in-chief of SOLO newsletter and a small firm practitioner in Jonesboro, Georgia. Contact him at

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