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winter 2009

Vol. 15, No. 1

Consumer Fraud



New Deal on SOLO

SOLO newsletter has appeared in its current printed format since way back in 1993. The concept was that members would have a handy, compact, and easily readable quarterly publication that could be read whenever they had a few free minutes. SOLO could be taken to court and perused while waiting for your case to be called, or read on the commute home (but not in your car!) Each issue addressed topics specifically of interest and use to solo and small firm practitioners. The newsletter was mailed to each member for these purposes.

But a new day has dawned within the ABA. Budgets are being reexamined and the General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm Division is feeling the effects. Cuts are being made. And, the SOLO newsletter is one of the GPSolo programs to feel the impact.

Beginning with this issue, members will no longer be mailed SOLO in a printed format. The only delivery will be via e-mail. This will save our Division more than  $30,000 in printing and postage and other costs. SOLO’s content will be the same, but how you receive it will not. Our suggestion is that members print out the electronic version and learn how to fold it (please refer a prior newsletter for this technique.) Then it will be just like what you got in the mail—only cheaper for the Division. Or, you can just view SOLO on your iPhone, Blackberry ,or other device. (If you have any tips, share them and we will pass them on to other members.)

The editorial board remains committed to putting out the same quality product as we have done in the past. Just a little extra work on your part will save the GPSolo Division a ton of money. The board is interested in your suggestions for topics that can be covered in brief articles about 400-500 words in length. Just think, you can add to your resumé and see your name and words in print by just volunteering to write an article. Just contact me or any board member.

Chuck Driebe, editor-in-chief of SOLO, has a general practice in Jonesboro, Georgia. Contact him at cjdriebe@mindspring.com.

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