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• 2010 ABA Annual Meeting
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• Electronic Discovery Digital Evidence Case Digest

• The Legal Protection of Personal Data - The Russian Model

• Overcoming the Obstacles of Going and Being Solo in a Down Economy

Regulations on Economic Transactions in Virtual Worlds

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• SciTech Edge: Biotech Law Career and Business Development Tips


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• ABA's Diversity in the Legal Profession: The Next Steps

• ABA Lowers Solo Practitioner Member Dues

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The Draft EU Guidelines on Standard Setting
Oct. 13, 2010

The Impact of Electronic Health Records and Exchanges on Industry Standards
October 26, 2010
Webcast/ Teleconference

2011 ABA Midyear Meeting
February 11-12, 2011
Atlanta, GA


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 The advancement of technology in the past decade has catapulted the prominence of electronic evidenc... Read More

 This practical guide will introduce you to the world of intellectual property licensing as it applies to technology. Along with expert advice on how to deal with open source licensing in a business context, the book answers the essential questions such as "why license?" and "who owns intellectual property?" and walks you through the various aspects of basic contract drafting. Read more


Jurimetrics Journal - Quarterly scholarly journal featuring articles and reviews.

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Chair’s Welcome by stephen wu


As 2010-2011 Chair of the Section, I welcome you to another bar year and seek your assistance and input in helping the Section and its members flourish this year and into the future. As Section members continue to recover from unprecedented economic challenges, the Section is committed to delivering more value, such as free quarterly SciTech book chapters and free continuing education programs. We will deliver education faster, including two free teleconferences in February and June of 2011. The Section will also provide tangible opportunities and ideas for business and career development, especially for solo practitioners and small firm lawyers. Last year's Section Chair Christine Grant implemented forward-looking initiatives in response to economic challenges that prepare our Section for growth and prosperity. The Section will continue to prepare our members, the bar, and the public for sweeping changes in science and technology we have experienced and will see in the future.



Practice Edge

2010 ABA Annual Meeting CLE Materials
SciTech hosted six CLE programs at the 2010 ABA Annual Meeting ranging from the practical to the visionary. They include: What's Misappropriation and What's Fair: From Avatars to Music Sampling in the Digital World; When Good Robots Do Bad Things: Responsibility and Liability in an Era of Personal & Service Robotics; The Real Realities of Cloud Computing - Will the Cloud Produce Smooth Sailing or Stormy Weather?; ABA CLE Centre Showcase Program: The Digital Revolution and E-Discovery - Transforming the Legal Profession; Brave New World of Healthcare: The Revolutionary Impact of Health Information Technology as Electronic Health Records and Health Information Exchanges Become the New Industry and I Can See Clearly Now: Insights From the Nation's Top Chief Legal Officers. The program materials are now available for free to all Section members



Researchers at Boston College discovered that a cluster of carbon nanotubes coated with a thin layer of protein-recognizing polymer forms a biosensor capable of using electrochemical signals to detect minute amounts of proteins, according to PhysOrg.


Electronic Discovery Digital Evidence Case Digest
Two decisions. The first decision from the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois exposes a circuit split (between the U.S. Courts of Appeal for the District of Columbia and the Seventh Circuit) in addressing burdens of proof for the imposition of discovery related sanctions. The second decision, from the U.S Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York, discusses duties to preserve and sanctions imposition and severity standards under Second Circuit decisional authority, but with a twist. This is a bankruptcy matter that originated as a contract dispute in Florida state court. This case illustrates the conflicting preservation standards imposed on parties and their counsel under state and federal decisional authority.

The Legal Protection of Personal Data - The Russian Model

In the era of information technologies, legal protection of personal data is not only a one-country issue. When transferring personal data outside the country, one must be sure that the data will enjoy adequate and sufficient protection. That is why lawyers are more and more involved in studying foreign legislation.


Overcoming the Obstacles of Going and Being Solo in a Down Economy
The program materials are available to SciTech members from the Welcome to the June 2, 2009 CLE program from the Recession Recovery Program Solutions: Overcoming the Obstacles of Going and Being Solo in a Down Economy.

Regulations on Economic Transactions in Virtual Worlds
In the United States, virtual world providers (the term “virtual worlds” includes social networking services, such as Myspace and Facebook) are interested in getting into the virtual currency business because virtual world providers in Asia, such as Gree and Mobage Town in Japan, have profited by selling virtual currency for real cash. Even the U.S. government may begin regulating economic transactions in the virtual world. Nina Olson, the current U.S. Taxpayer Advocate, recommended that the IRS issue guidance addressing how taxpayers should report economic activities in virtual worlds.

SciStatus Update

Prescription playlists may sound a bit out there, but even without all the findings in recent years that music can be good for the heart, the brain, and even the immune system, it should come as little surprise that it also affects mood. Exactly how it does so is where things start to get interesting.


SciTech Edge: Biotech Law Career and Business Development Tips
As the biotech industry continues to expand and develop to create new technologies, diagnostics, drugs, and therapies, so do potential opportunities for lawyers who wish to practice in the diverse field of biotech law. For instance, it was estimated that in 2009 there existed in the U.S. 1,699 public and private biotech companies that generated approximately $56.6 billion U.S. dollars in collective revenues.


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ABA's Diversity in the Legal Profession: The Next Steps

The overarching message is that a diverse legal profession is more just, productive and intelligent because diversity, both cognitive and cultural, often leads to better questions, analyses, solutions, and processes. To provide a conceptual and normative context, the Report begins by articulating four rationales for creating greater diversity within the legal profession.



ABA Lowers Solo Practitioner Member Dues
The ABA has established new, lower dues rates for solo practitioners in private practice. To renew your membership at the Special Dues Rate, you must certify your eligibility when you receive your ABA dues invoice in the mail or by calling 1.800.285.2221.


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The SciTech Lawyer is the connecting point for today's attorney focused on the practice of law in the intersecting worlds of science and technology.

New Student Editors Sought
The Behavioral Sciences Committee and  Committee on Rights and Responsibilities of Scientists each seek a motivated student to edit their quarterly electronic blurb, which will be similar to  SciStatus Update. This student will receive guidance from Committee leadership.



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