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Introduction to Adult and Embryonic Stem Cell Technology
CLE Teleconference
Tuesday, November 18, 2008

E-Commerce Payments
CLE Teleconference
Tuesday, January 27, 2008
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2009 ABA Mid Year Meeting
February 12-14, 2009
Boston, MA

24th Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference
April 1-4, 2009
Washington, DC

April 2-4, 2009
Chicago, IL

ABA TECHSHOW 2009 -- The World's Premier Legal Technology Conference and EXPO


 This book provides you with a legal and practical approach to the new world of digital information. It has been described as a must have  for litigation lawyers, corporate counsel and records managers who want to understand how to appropriately handle the digital information of an enterprise. Learn more.

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message from the chair by RUTH HILL BRO

Spring Ahead
In this season when we (or our clocks) traditionally fall back, I encourage you to take this opportunity to spring ahead by joining a Section of Science & Technology Law committee.

The SciTech Section strives to bring value to all of its members, whether you are a lawyer, businessperson, student, technologist, or scientist.  Section committees provide members with direct access to this value, including customized information and resources to grow your practice or otherwise advance professionally.  From informative newsletters to innovative projects, and leading-edge webinars to members-only listserves, SciTech committees have much to offer.

The scope of emerging issues covered by our committees is breathtaking, with topics as diverse as privacy and information management, blogs and user-generated content, virtual worlds, online identity management, Wi-Fi, VoIP, information security, e-commerce, cybercrime, cryptography, scientific evidence, RFID, nanotechnology, genetic and medical research, biotechnology, and artificial intelligence and robotics.  The Section is always on the lookout for the next big thing, and that translates into new committees, such as the Cleantech and Climate Change Committee and the eDiscovery and Digital Evidence Committee, which the Section launched in August of 2008.

Section committees frequently lead the way when it comes to emerging legal issues in science and technology law, well before these issues become mainstream.  This allows you to spot issues earlier for your client, gain the edge on opposing counsel, network with others who are shaping the law, and move swiftly in the right direction.

As a SciTech committee member, you can choose the level of your participation – from simply receiving informational benefits, to taking advantage of networking channels, to capitalizing on leadership opportunities.  If you are not currently a member of a committee, join a Section committee today for FREE.  If you are already a committee member and would like to become more actively involved, send an e-mail to the committee chair.  You will be warmly welcomed.

Now is the time to join a SciTech committee (or two).  It’s a small step but a great way to spring ahead.

Bro is a partner at Baker & McKenzie LLP in Chicago, Illinois.  She can be reached at ruth.bro@comcast.net.